6 thoughts on “Loins of Punjab Presents:”

  1. I love that actress who’s in the elevator and in the scene in the bed – she was in this movie I saw called “Outsourced” and she’s just SO completely beautiful and talented. 🙂

  2. Cory I really enjoyed this! great job! lots of fun.
    Sandy was dancing around the room I had to constrain her!
    (you know better than that) Keep up the good work

    Bob & Sandy Long

  3. I am sort of addicted to this song and video. The video animation only increases its awesome-ness. You are so talented!

    Also, I’m kicking myself for missing the film debut in NYC – I hope it comes to DC soon.

  4. kory,
    I wish I could have seen Sandy dancing!
    pretty sure I could have made some cheddar from that!!
    that show choir experience really paid off for you.

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