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  1. I hestitate to write this because I do not know to whom I am speaking.( attitudes, heart condition, life history.)
    So I ask you, are you serious in what you say.Or, are you just having fun trying to shock.

  2. Dick Gaughan: I have him on several old vinyl LPs, traditional british, nothing very controversial.
    Judas: He’s had a bum rap, but he has his ups and downs. Remember Jesus Christ Superstar in the late 60s? Judas came off pretty well in that movie, and in many of the “other” equally valid gospels.
    Jesus: One of his main “historical” roles has been quite Freudian; opposing God the “Father” with his love for his Mom, and his desire to liberate mankind from the imposed ignorance of the Old Testament.
    Shock: Shock? How can anyone be shocked by any of this Biblical stuff, regardles of the interpretation? One way or another, it’s just a bunch of bullshit.

  3. Movies are movies, they are the leaders in violence and rubbish. No wonder other cultures think were the scum of the earth ( or …is it they want to be like us).
    Judas turned Jesus in for 30 peices of silver, so Judas was a traitor for money ( acually you could buy a slave in thoses days for the money Judas got.)
    The other thing ‘time” is based on Jesus, on our calendar year 1 starts with Jesus, and used to be BC ( before Christ) AD ( after death).
    ps: you have to forgive my spelling ( I know I’m terrable at that)

  4. acutally the vast majority of people are brain washed, mostly from schools, religions, false science, entertainment, bad parents,bad friends etc.
    In our time period in history, it come down to , good is bad and bad is good.
    The urgency of today is what are you going to do, follow the world , untill the earth is totaly ruined,( I think it is too late for man to get the earth back) and everyone is against everyone else.
    ( up here in BC the ponderosa tree will be 80% to 95% of these trees are gone.)

  5. I am not all about doom and gloom. Far from it , I looking forward to the future. My paintings I think show that I’m al about the furture.

  6. I was a bit shocked but very intrigued when I heard
    this on KPFA at least 20 years ago, and I
    remember in particular the stunning delivery
    of the song. Your sample is it. It is amazing how
    superstitious we remain after we think that we
    have outgrown (survived) childhood religious
    indoctrination. The concept still unnerves me, and
    I still like its challenge. It’s a powerhouse piece
    of work.

  7. Most heretics have been more devout followers than the religious who persecute them. To that end, it’s hard to listen to this song and think it’s simply anti-religious or even anti-Christian. The complicity with the Roman masters that Leon Rosselson attributes to Jesus strikes me as a deeply Christian revelation about the blinding nature of human power. In this way, while having an ostensibly anti-Christian content, it’s always been decidedly crypto-Christian to me. Pair this song with Rosselson’s other well-known “World Turned Upside Down,” a song that celebrates a religious sect’s rebellion against the enclosure of the commons, and you can really appreciate the religious or spiritual motivation of the Judas song.

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