UPDATE 2: So many people have RSVP’ed we’re adding a second show at 9pm. 7pm is full. If you show up at 7 and your name’s not on the list, you can still see the preview at 9. Or there may be some no-shows you can replace.

UPDATE: if you want to attend the New York screening, please RSVP with “Sita NY” in the subject, to:nospam.jpg
Space is limited, and priority will be given to those with names on the list. This is just a sneak preview; the bigger and better genuine premiere will happen in 2008.


New York:

Saturday, November 17, 7:00 pm and 9:00pm
NYU Tisch School of the Arts, room 006 (lower level)
721 Broadway, between Waverly Place and Washington Place
New York City

We’ll screen the whole 82-minute feature on DVD, then the 3-minute 35mm film test of “Battle of Lanka,” so you can see just how gorgeous it looks on film.

San Francisco:

Saturday, December 1, 8:00 pm
Oddball Film
275 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
$10 donation
RSVP 415.558.8117 or email info at

See the whole 82-minute feature on DVD. We’ll have samosas, T-shirts, and GOOD TIMES.

Both screenings are excellent opportunities for those of you who wish to contribute to the making of the 35mm film print to see what you may be supporting. And hopefully I’ll have fiscal sponsorship by then, meaning any donations (as opposed to loans) will be tax-deductible! Of course I’ll be there, answering questions, hawking art prints and begging for money. FUN!



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.


  1. hi, this is not really a comment on this post, all apologies. one of my students turned me onto this project. kudos to you; it is well done! (though it’s true you may be about to enter the maelstrom of hindutva!) anyway, i noticed in one scene you have the devanagari for “Sitayana” and there’s a spelling error i thought you might want to correct. “Ramayana” is spelled with a retroflex “n” (i.e., devanagari ण् — that character ought to appear correctly if your browser is set to unicode encoding and uses a devanagari capable unicode ttf font, such as uttara, etc. for windows or devanagari mt for mac). That “n” is made retroflex by the presence of the “r” in “Ramayana”. Since “Sitayana” lacks that “r” (or a similar retroflex sound), the “n” would be a regular dental “n” (i.e., न् ), not a retroflex. So “Sitayana” would be written सीतायन . Feel free to email me if you have trouble viewing that or would like a .pdf of the same. best wishes.

  2. DVDs won’t be available until “Sita” finds a distributor. Maybe later next year? If I’m lucky? When it happens, I’ll let y’all know.

    Today I express-mailed “Sita”‘s first film festival submission to Berlin. IF she gets in, that’s the very start of this long arduous process.

  3. Wow,

    This art makes my heart sing, beautiful drawings and vibrant colors. I can’t wait to see this movie!

    I am just dipping my toes into the sea of animation with Adobe Flash so thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  4. Hi Nina,

    Could you please put me down for the 9 PM showing.


    ps. we met arzans apt 2 years ago and also at Haveli with Manish.

  5. Argh… Its on the same time as a performance by Zakir Hussain at NYU. Any chance it’ll be shown another time?

  6. I recently saw your winning entry to Asifa East “Agni Pariska” at Pratt in Brooklyn– I loved it! It was so beautiful, and the music was awesome! Thanks for making such an incredible piece.

  7. Hey Nina, I’m a long~time fan, as you know, and the previews I’ve seen of Sita are truly amazing and wonderful. Your art, and your dedication to it, both are so impressive, so outstanding. I have been talking up Sita to friends, and I will certainly attend the SF showing (money in hand!!) with at least one friend, maybe more. Is there room? I hope so…

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