“Depression Is Fun” Blowganza!*


Update: all 10 copies are now sold or spoken for.

When I recently visited San Francisco, my best friend Ian picked up the last of my boxes stored at the old apartment I once shared with my ex-husband. Riffling through the contents I discovered a treasure-trove of still shrink-wrapped copies of my first book, Depression Is Fun. This has been out-of-print almost since its publication in 1992. But now I have 10 copies here in New York, and they’re on sale for $25 postpaid (and signed, if you want) each. These puppies are going for $30, $50, and – holy crap! – almost $90 online as “collectibles.” As always, my email address is at the bottom of the middle column, the one with the pictures linking to my movies and cartoons and stuff.

*”Blowganza” coined by Anne Altman


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

15 thoughts on ““Depression Is Fun” Blowganza!*”

  1. Put one aside for me!! I am your biggest fan and not the wimpy kind that always agree with you and eat vegetables, but the kind that is full of wisdom and good advice. Therefore I get one!! Where do I send the check??

  2. I placed my order yesterday.

    Now I get to stare at my PO Box for the the next couple of weeks.

    “Is it there yet?”

  3. I can’t belive I’m just discovering you now, love your work, it’s amazing. Where do I send $ for copy of book?

    your newest fan.



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