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Big ups and mad props to everyone making donations large and small to Sita Sings the Blues. This is really our film, not just mine – a community project. Most films are financed by big corporations, perpetuating the top-down model of American entertainment: they dictate content from above, and audiences consume what they’re handed below. But Sita seems to be funded by viewers, individual human beings who want to see it get out there. The audience is financing this film! It’s not just touching, it’s thrilling to be part of this. Thank you!!

Everyone who donates gets their name in the credits. Donors of $1,000 or more (like lenders of $2K or more) get a credit of their choosing!

Update: Credits are locking Tuesday night. Big, big thanks to you amazing generous kind wonderful donors – a post of pure gratitude is coming soon.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

8 thoughts on “Your Name Here Presents”

  1. Just donated. Hope it will do well.

    Even if you make enough $$$, could you get the films printed in time for the screening?

  2. Thanks Charles!

    I’m starting the print this weekend. It should be done by January 25. I intend to carry the thing on the plane to Berlin, so we have a whole extra 10 days before then for troubleshooting in NY. I may even splurge and ship it to Berlin to spare my arms, if I can afford the time and money. But it will get there, definitely.

    Credits will be closed Monday, since that’s the latest I can render everything out from my computer. So if anyone wants their name in the credits, please act now.

    Off to the Dolby mix,


  3. Nina: I just gave Sita the $$ I’d put aside to give to Hilary or Obama. Sita represents my beliefs (or lack of beliefs) way better than either candidate. And there’s no way Hilary was going to put me in the credits! Have fun in Berlin!

  4. Nina,
    I hope you get the money from Fractured Atlas in time.I wish I had seen the paypal link before sending the money through Fractured Atlas.I imagine it would have been easier for you to get them from your paypal account.Wish you all the luck in the world in Berlin!

    Ela and Paul

  5. I offer you the worst kind of well-wishes: the ones with no financing attached to them. As someone who worked closely on an indie HD feature five years ago and scrimped to downconvert and edit and all that crap, I tip my cap to you and your efforts and wish you resounding success.

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