Money needed, like, now

So the good news is, Sita is in the Berlinale. The bad news is, she’s programmed in a theater that doesn’t do Digital Cinema. That means unless I have a 35mm print by February, her one and only World Premiere will be on, well…video. I can’t let that happen.

The 35mm master will still cost about $30,000 – more if we do surround sound, which is much better audio. I still need to raise $20,000. I’m looking into bouncing credit card debt – you know, putting it all on a few credit cards, then continually applying for new credit cards and shifting the balances from one to another. It would be much better if some rich person just lent me the money. Or if some supernatural being just gave me the money – but honestly, a loan would be plenty. Big ol’ credit in the film, you can attend the Berlinale with me as part of the film team, my undying gratitude…

Here are Sita‘s Berlinale screening dates, just in:

11.02.08 17:00 Kino Babylon
13.02.08 11:30 Kino Babylon
14.02.08 19:30 Kino Babylon

Let’s give all those broken-hearted Germans who are seeing the Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told on Valentine’s Day the real 35mm experience!

Tax-deductible donations (not loans) can still be made here.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

17 thoughts on “Money needed, like, now”

  1. i cant believe that inspired patrons of the arts aren’t breaking down your door to buy you, your talent and your film.
    specially right now when donors are giving millions away to dubious people for useless projects with no redeeming social significance, like the running against the Chosen One for the presidency of the usa.
    i will check friend in berlin see if she can loge one or two of your helpers. wish i could make it. but things are a bit funneled here since judy’s chemotherapies (lung cancer) guide our weeks and travels.
    all the best. d
    ps your mom is wonderful photographer.

  2. Hi,

    I’d love to buy a comic book of Nina’s adventures to support your film and/or your move to Europe 🙂 but am clearly not clicking the right buttons on the above URL.

    All the best from Vienna,


  3. Ehm, in case my entry reads a bit confused that is because I am. What I wanted to say was: How can I buy a comic book of Nina’s adventures?


  4. I think Sita is incredible and am so happy you are in the film festival!! 🙂 I donated a little, I hope it helps! I will also see about sending the word out to ASIFA-Atlanta.

    Very best of luck, Nina, I think you’re amazing! 🙂

  5. Marcus Kempken from Berlin told me about your need to go FILM for the Berlinale.
    I’m based in Berlin and offer the recording service for a list price of 14,760 EUROs plus VAT for 82min FullHD 24p (rendered to frame sequences or Quicktime-compatible uncompressed movie on external firewire/USB2 harddisk(s)) with Dolby SR analogue sound track. You get the Neg and a single print copy (single printerlight reference copy).
    Did you already talk to Dolby about licences that might apply ?
    We also need a 2-seconds sound pause every 1990ft (or less) (2000ft minus feeding lengths) of film as an act break (change of film spools/rolls).

    So I hope your quest for donations already reached that mark and I look forward to further assist and then join the Berlinale audience 🙂

  6. I forgot to mention: For sound film recording we need a DAT with the proper levels and the start beep (48 frames prior to first image) in 24 framesPerSecond.
    For this you need a DOLBY certified sound lab.

  7. Thanks Thomas. The problem is that the US dollar is so weak right now, and the German VAT is so high:

    14760 Euros + 19% VAT = 17564

    17564 Euros converted to $US = 25,971.80

    So it’s still about $26,000, plus the expense of going there to check the work, and loss of work time in NY. Alas.

    The good thing about the dollar being so weak is, it’s like we have a Third World Country right here at home!

    I’m hoping I can get the lab here to dip below $26,000. Doing it in Germany is a nice idea, and last year, when the $US wasn’t toilet paper, it would have been a bargain!

  8. Holly mackarel! Wish we were rich… good luck and bon chance at the festival. I’m sure that the film will look and sound fantastic.

  9. Great news…Jayne Pilling just told me today that the film is going to be in the festival – pity you can’t get a print tho’ – if I had the dosh, I might give to yuz’…


  10. hi Nina,

    you can stay here during the Berlin film festival -Berlinale- in February. There is only a walking distance of 15 minutes from Potsdamer Platz or 2 stops by S-Bahn (fast train).

    So if you like: feel welcome,


    I do not see another way of contacting you, I I chose this one.

  11. I had the pleasure of watching the Sita film in Babylon cinema two days ago. I had some problems finding you, and I arrived to the theater one hour too early, but decided to wait anyway, by spending the time in a nice nearby coffee shop. I was going to leave the Berlinale the same day. So this film was the last I saw. I will never forget this touching movie, with so much wittiness, humour, nostalgia, tenderness, and profesionality. What a great movie!!! And what a great artist you are, I really enjoyed the connection between the old and the new world, which shows that in our hearts we all become the same, no matter what time we are living. You really put life inot perspective. Congratulations, Nina! You must be one of the greatest animators in the world. I certainly hope you will win a lot of prices for this in the years to come.
    Love from Marit in Norway, literary agent:

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