Berlinale’08 Photos

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been jetlagged and, dare I say it, a little depressed – must be that post-partum thing they warned me about. I’m only talking about my mood here, not my reality – my reality is great! I’m very lucky, very blessed, and I know it. I just wish my brain chemistry corresponded. Anyway, photos here. (Photo above by Markus Kempken.)


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

4 thoughts on “Berlinale’08 Photos”

  1. Oh, Bruno’s doing his job, hard at work cuddling, purring, and rolling around on the floor with his adorable little paws in the air. Alas this doesn’t cure my jetlag, which I think is triggering my mood problems.

  2. Good ole Bruno. Guess you’re entitled to a small hangover after so much work and then the Berlinale… Great photos; Elke and I enjoyed recapitulating our walk through Berlin.

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