Facing Facebook

I could only resist Facebook for so long. My shiny new Facebook page is here, and there’s a Sita Sings the Blues group here. Lots of photos! Go crazy, social networkers!

In sadder news, I also reluctantly registered on MySpace, the ugliest, worst-designed, least-navigable, skankiest hivemind on the ‘net, because some friends still insist on using it. Feh.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “Facing Facebook”

  1. I, too, was somehow talked into signing up for MySpace. Imagine my shock when I realized you were supposed to go around asking people to please be your friend! Worse than middle school.

    P.S. My sister’s cat had around 1,500 friends on “his” MySpace page. No kidding. You should probably ignore my friend request and send one to him.

  2. I stay away from both like the plague that they are.
    Facebook: because it mines all sorts of personal data.
    Myspace: because it is fugly.

    My local alternative is tribe.net, small and seemingly unknown.

  3. Oh no! Now everyone will know how to find horrific pictures and create out-of-context quotes from my kid sister! Which I’m sure will do something in some unknowable way at some point in the future.

  4. I know those “gotta gedon the MySpace Blues” I’ve been coerced into getting my MySpace page in shape, too, and am slowly complying. Am seconding Rax, what I ‘ve heard about Facebook is not good.

    Great dress and pics thereof at Berlin! See ya at Stuttgart. You´ll be a feature, as always, in my Toons & Tunes Talk-a-thon on the Saturday morning.


  5. Nina: I just joined FaceBook so I could be one of your official online pals but really at my age I’m way too old for this kind of jive…

    Somebody ought to start a GeezerFaceBook. That’s where I belong.

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