Sita Sings the Blues’ Tribeca Publicity Roundup

TV and Radio:

BBC World

Morning Edition, WNYC

My First Time, WNBC



Premiere’s Top 10 Films of Tribeca 2008

“wittily written, brilliantly acted”

“beautifully audacious”

“One-Woman Pixar”

“a unique depiction of the epic”
Zee News

“…both heartfelt and consistently witty, the type of low-fi animated musical that puts Disney to shame.”
FilmMaker Magazine/IFP

“a strange and beautiful little film”

“funny and eye-popping and never bogs down.”

“One of the best films playing at the…Tribeca Film Festival this year”
New York Magazine

Other Blogs:

“mind-blowing…The overall look of the film was fantastic; the graphics stunning and the flow between parallel threads excellent.”

“…a triumph of individual creation.”

“It’s touching, encouraging, fun, and educational. I LOVE IT!”
tiny blog

“The narration was hilarious, the quality of animation never faltered no matter what the style and the songs were the most incredible fit – astonishing that a jazz song from the 1920’s would match exactly with a story from ~500 BC. “
Yewknee/Michael Eades

“beautiful, funny, and kind of brilliant.”
Two-Timing My Scrapbook

“Hopefully this movie finds its way to Thailand in order to give people a glimpse of how traditional material can still be meaningful today.”
–comment on Thai Film Journal


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “Sita Sings the Blues’ Tribeca Publicity Roundup”

  1. i’ve seen/heard two out of the three tv/radio! completely by accident, this press found me. kudos, nina!

  2. Wow … thats great Nina. I read most of the articles.
    Must make all the work and expence, worth while.
    I do hope the money part comes as well.
    Someone has to take notice, with all the good reviews.
    All the best Nina.

  3. Hi Nina,
    You probably don’t remember me, but we met a number of years ago at a party at Sherwin’s house.
    I heard about your film at Tribeca and just wanted to say Congrats!
    Really nice to see it succeed like this. I wasn’t able to attend Tribeca, but hopefully will get a chance to check it out at a future screening.
    Wishing you luck getting distribution.

  4. Thanks Leesa. Weirdly, the Tribeca festival offices themselves are at that same “Sherwin’s house,” which is also where I first heard Annette Hanshaw while staying, shell-shocked, on his sofa. Dropping off the finished film print there was eerie indeed.

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