Sita Sings the Blues’ Tribeca Publicity Roundup

TV and Radio:

BBC World

Morning Edition, WNYC

My First Time, WNBC



Premiere’s Top 10 Films of Tribeca 2008

“wittily written, brilliantly acted”

“beautifully audacious”

“One-Woman Pixar”

“a unique depiction of the epic”
Zee News

“…both heartfelt and consistently witty, the type of low-fi animated musical that puts Disney to shame.”
FilmMaker Magazine/IFP

“a strange and beautiful little film”

“funny and eye-popping and never bogs down.”

“One of the best films playing at the…Tribeca Film Festival this year”
New York Magazine

Other Blogs:

“mind-blowing…The overall look of the film was fantastic; the graphics stunning and the flow between parallel threads excellent.”

“…a triumph of individual creation.”

“It’s touching, encouraging, fun, and educational. I LOVE IT!”
tiny blog

“The narration was hilarious, the quality of animation never faltered no matter what the style and the songs were the most incredible fit – astonishing that a jazz song from the 1920’s would match exactly with a story from ~500 BC. “
Yewknee/Michael Eades

“beautiful, funny, and kind of brilliant.”
Two-Timing My Scrapbook

“Hopefully this movie finds its way to Thailand in order to give people a glimpse of how traditional material can still be meaningful today.”
–comment on Thai Film Journal

5 comments to Sita Sings the Blues’ Tribeca Publicity Roundup

  • i’ve seen/heard two out of the three tv/radio! completely by accident, this press found me. kudos, nina!

  • Wow … thats great Nina. I read most of the articles.
    Must make all the work and expence, worth while.
    I do hope the money part comes as well.
    Someone has to take notice, with all the good reviews.
    All the best Nina.

  • Leesa Dean

    Hi Nina,
    You probably don’t remember me, but we met a number of years ago at a party at Sherwin’s house.
    I heard about your film at Tribeca and just wanted to say Congrats!
    Really nice to see it succeed like this. I wasn’t able to attend Tribeca, but hopefully will get a chance to check it out at a future screening.
    Wishing you luck getting distribution.

  • Thanks Leesa. Weirdly, the Tribeca festival offices themselves are at that same “Sherwin’s house,” which is also where I first heard Annette Hanshaw while staying, shell-shocked, on his sofa. Dropping off the finished film print there was eerie indeed.

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