Baby’s Got a Brand New Passport

My new, hopefully post-bed bug life coincides with my new passport, which I just got today. A clean slate! I feel so fresh, like a newborn 40-year-old.

I need the extra visa pages for my upcoming festival tour, which includes:

Durban International Film Festival
July 23 – August 3
Durban, South Africa

Melbourne International Film Festival
July 25 – August 10
Melbourne, Australia

Brisbane International Film Festival
July 31 – August 10
Brisbane, Australia

Jecheon International Music and Film Festival
August 9 – 14
Jecheon, Korea

Who needs an apartment when you’ve got airplanes and hotels? And who needs money when there are party snacks and meal vouchers? See you on the other side of the World!

Meanwhile, if you’re in New York, Sita will screen at the

Long Island Film and Wine Festival
July 31 – August 3
Martha Clara Vineyards, Long Island, New York

Obviously I won’t be there, but a bunch of NY Sita collaborators will! Come see the movie and say hi to them.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Baby’s Got a Brand New Passport”

  1. Yep I plan to attend Ottawa. I will also be back in NY August 20 – September 15. “Sita” will have 2 matinee screenings at the IFC in the West Village Sept. 13 and 14, which I plan to attend.

  2. Have a wonderful time in South Africa, Australia, and Korea!
    After your bed-bug debacle in NYC, you deserve to have some fun with “Sita” on the other side of the globe. Congrats!

  3. I just saw your film at MIFF and I loved it, but I was just wondering how can I put my name down for a limited screener, and secondly, how did you end up choosing that specific blues singer for the movie? Was it a case of scanning public domain music sites, knowing the singer personally, or what?

  4. Hey Nina, I saw your film this evening at the MIFF and met you very briefly after in the foyer. I’m the one (had the stick with me) that was babbling about “Sita” reminding me of how my life turned out. Wanted to tell you again about how moved I was with the film and that I hope for you the best. Had a bit of a surf around your various sites/blogs and am dismayed that you have had so much difficulty with staying afloat (and unbitten) in your life.
    I am currently living in Melbourne. If you get this before you leave and have a brief moment maybe I could take you out for a coffee although I’d hazzard a guess that you are being well cared for while you are here – well at least I hope that you are.
    I am soooooo happy that I got to see your beautiful film (and I hope that they paid you a cut from the ticket I very happily paid to see it!!!).
    Inasmuch as it had those reminders (that you seemed concerned about) I guess the point I wanted to get across was that at the same time the story gave me a wonderful way to look at my own circumstances with fresh and humourous eyes. Highly necessary in this world filled with so many disappointments.
    I’m off to bed. I’ll proly wake up in the morning with one moggie (Mimi) on my pillow nibbling my nose and the other (Lulu) sitting on my shoulder looking dreamily (translate hungrily) into my bleary 7am eyes.
    All the best, and have a lovely time in Oz.

  5. Had a wonderful time enjoying your film last night at MIFF. If you can get a theatrical release I think you will do very well, its definitely a film that will get people in the door through word of mouth alone! I’d love a ltd ed screener though 🙂 good luck in brissy

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