Actually the DVDs have too many visual errors – from the messed-up HD master I was never able to view, because who has an HD system? – and I have to start from scratch, making a new HD master, new exhibition tapes (for the festivals that aren’t showing 35mm) and, if DVDs are to circulate at all, new DVDs. Please ignore my previous enthusiasm. This is the fault of my Post-Production Supervisor, who I am firing immediately. Oh wait that’s me.

I also accidentally dropped a Cintiq stand on my toe:

My Toe After Dropping a Cintiq Stand on it (click thumbnail – or should I say toenail? – for larger photo in gross-o-vision)

Yes, it’s been another bad day, but all is not lost, just the $7,500 I spent on DVD authoring and manufacturing, plus the $1,500 or so I spent on the HD master and all the HD, Beta, DigiBeta, and DVCAM tapes I made from it. Because I have an Idea. A Very Good Idea, I promise. More on that tomorrow. I’m going to bed now.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Shit”

  1. Weird! I did the same only with a construction cable here in BKK that was in the way of my moving foot. While you can blame gravity.

    It was my middle right toe and the nail had to come off and it got one stitch – but but it looked just about the same.

    Youch 🙁

  2. yikes. i’ll send you a pic of the toe of a friend of mine. he managed to completely rip off his toenail in one fell swoop (i think it got caught on something). he said that his body went into shock right away and that it barely hurt…

  3. Kid, I’ve heard about suffering for your art, but this is the, um, er, topper. That must have been one of the bigger models!

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