My Chanukah Miracle


So there I was at the Dubai International Film Festival last week, and I forgot to bring my mobile phone charger. Usually my Blackberry’s battery conks out after less than 2 days, whether I make calls or not. But lo! That single charge lasted through the entire festival, and even worked when I got back to New York! 6 days of battery use on one charge. Blessed art Thou O Lord Our goD, King of the Universe! Happy Chanukah!


6 thoughts on “My Chanukah Miracle”

  1. Mazel Tov!

    Of course, its more likely that the charger conspires by machine telepathy to get the Blackberry to run its battery down, just so you’ll use it.

  2. And here it is, Chistmas day. Sita was part of our family chanukah celebration last night. (Heresy-no latkes taken) It was my 1st viewing (is there a prayer for that?) Your Mom (oops-sales manager) is extraordinarily strict and I bought and saved Sita as a chanukah present for Rae. She (Rae) brought home a projector from school and we watched several hours of a dead wall the night before (Oh how I suffered for you) until I screamed “No more.” and Christmas eve was finally “the night I saw Sita”. You would have been gratified by 15 yo Sophia’s giggles (appeals to all ages-oops I wasn’t told if it was rated). R’nR saved their comments for the end (Rae loved seeing her name on the screen – Me too). I’ll leave that to them but they were very positive.

    I noted the use of your own photographs to portray Bruno Swartz on the screen …talk about copyright.

    Hey, I”ve got to go, my alpha male cat is bowling me over with his powerful skull. So I haven’t cleaned their kitty litter!!!

    Nina, I loved it. I am overwhelmed by some of your traumatic self scenes. We must talk……….Tauby

  3. =v= You recharged at 6 days instead of waiting for the full 8 that it takes to get the electricity consecrated? G-d won’t be pleased when He finds out about that!

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