Dancing Girls and Boys

Via Anne Altman’s blog, I became fascinated with this Beyonce video:

(video removed from YouTube. Great.)

What can I say? It’s like watching my own psychological shadows. I’m too inhibited to dance myself, but at least I can channel some of my repressed instincts into rotoscoping (3:41).

Usually I think art lives in the minds of its beholders, but in the case of dance, it lives in their bodies too. Here’s a dude keeping the faith:

and here we can see how bits of culture morph from mere “derivative works” into something else entirely:

I love you, dancers!


2 thoughts on “Dancing Girls and Boys”

  1. People often lump those who draw into the same broad category as painters of pictures to be hung on walls. I’ve often said that cartoonists and animators have more in common with the performing arts … they’re just more introverted.

  2. Damn those Warner Bros people & their anti-Youtubery. Still we get to see the little dancing men if not much of Beyonce.

    Here from the Ebert site. Good luck with the film.

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