11 thoughts on “NYT w00t”

  1. So you’re gangly huh? I like gangly. Gangly is hot.

    Seriously though, I couldn’t be more happy to see the attention your film is beginning to stir. The gang at Cartoon Brew loves it, the critics love it, I love it (what I have seen anyway), and everyone I have shown bits to love it.

    I will be downloading your film the first chance I get (although I would be more than happy to purchase a DVD or Bluray version when available), and will seed it forever.

    Go Nina!
    Go Sita!

  2. just read about your film in the nytimes and watched some clips on youtube. loved it! would be honored if you posted a clip at http://www.createculture.org. i’ll feature it on the homepage. our members, many of whom are animators, would be really into this. will be watching March 7 on WNET.

  3. Hey Nina,

    this has nothing to do with your recent post – but I heard that PBS in NYC is showing “Sita Sings the Blues” next month. Awesome! Please let us know if your show will be playing in other markets (like Colorado). Hope all is well!

  4. Earlier in the week, WFMU’s DJ trouble plugged “Sita Sings the Blues” on her morning show. She even played an Annett Hanshaw song from the film!

    Word of mouth about Sita is rampant. Of course, the NY Times ain’t bad either!

  5. Hey there Nina,

    MEGA congratulations in getting big public recognition for your fantastic artistic talents combined with your unimpeachable social conscience.

    It’s great to see you out there kicking ass and taking names.

    (yes, =that= bruce scanlon 😉

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