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We’re almost done authoring the Sita Sings the Blues DVD packaging and getting an order fulfillment service to ship it. Meanwhile, here’s something to do: sign up here with just your email address, and we’ll send you an mail with ordering information as soon as it’s ready.

Because the “content” is free – you can download it all online – what we’re actually selling is DVD packaging, not the film itself. This includes a nicely printed full color recycled cardstock “eco” case, and a silkscreened “pre-downloaded” DVD with the film and various features like subtitles, the trailer, and some video interviews of me ranting about copyright. The DVD is a nice package, a real object, and you can actually own it – it’ll still be there even if the internet (or your connection to it) disappears.

We’re planning two “Official” editions of the DVD packaging. The basic consumer version will be about $20:


Then there’s the Artist’s Edition, which will be about $100. This will be a more elaborate package – 6 panels instead of 4 – numbered and signed by me. This edition will be limited to 4,999. Why 4,999? Because for every 5,000 DVDs sold, I have to make additional payments (beyond the $50,000 I have already paid) to the corporations that hold copyright monopolies on some of the music used in the film.  I don’t believe culture can be owned, and I’ve released my film under a free license to ensure that it can never be similarly trapped, but as long as the government enforces these monopolies, I must count DVDs.

Artist's Edition

The cover art isn’t final but will be in a few days. I could use the “happy Sita” image on the artist’s edition, and the “artsy Sita” on the consumer version. Leave your suggestions now or forever hold your peace. Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Sita DVD announcement list”

  1. I’d really love to have Fetch! as a special feature on the disc 😉

    But in all honesty I can’t wait for the dvd! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to deliver the Dutch subtitles, but that won’t be a big deal for the Dutch viewers (as they can understand English pretty well).
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I suddenly feel spoiled: I’ve had a downloaded Quicktime version of Fetch for nearly two years – I watch it all the time. 🙂

    BUT I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it on the DVD! I second the motion! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

  3. Sweet. Signed up on the e-mail list. Definitely the artist’s edition for me!

    Been looking forward to this for a long time now.

  4. Regarding the covers, Nina. Why not offer both? I’d buy 2 copies just to have the cover art.

  5. Just watched the film here at Adishakti in India. Brilliant animation and storytelling! And after reading your blog and CC blurb, you’re becoming a hero to me. I’ll spread the word!

  6. Christy: any idea where I could get the downloaded QT version of Fetch? All the links here are down; google reveals nothing; there is a decent version on Youtube, but I’d really like to have it to put at least as a special feature on the DVD version I’m making.
    (also the version i’m making already has marta’s Dutch subtitles mixed in… along with most of the other languages that are up so far… and both trailers. etc.)

  7. Dear Nina,

    My husband bought the dvd at NY children film festival after seeing the movie in its 4th screening 2 weeks ago. I was teaching and could not go to NYC. So I got to see it on our TV screen I have to say, my hat off to you. Fantastic job, in many levels! I wish I could get a hold of your other works. I will dig you more and shall join the already existing ocean of admirers you have.

    Keep up the good work and bravo.


  8. It’s too bad you didn’t record a commentary track Nina. I don’t think I’m the only one who would have loved to hear you talk about creative choices you made and hurdles you overcame to get Sita made and distributed.

    You could always record one and release it on your blog/website. Darron Aronofsky did that for his movie The Fountain. Congrats, Sita was a joy to watch!

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