Thank You Free Culture

How many independent animators get a Bangok high fashion line named after their film? None, unless they let people share:

“First of the treats for fans of the brand this year is the presentation of its Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Titled “Sita Sings the Blues” after the stunning animation film by US cartoonist/artist Nina Paley, the collection was unveiled for the first time to fans and fashionistas in the form of a choreographed presentation against the backdrop of the famed animation….” link


3 comments to Thank You Free Culture

  • Ace magazine in Bangkok’s other newspaper, The Nation, also had a feature on Roj Singhakul’s fashion show.

    A PDF file is available.

  • gul ramani

    great nina! hard work gets hard earned success. love your design sense. we are all anxious to see what you do next.

  • gul ramani

    Share, that is the magic word in the brave new world of digital age. Information (and truth?) moving freely like a river. Could you share with us, in which animation film you first saw indian shadow puppets moving under filmed with a 16mm Bolex camera? Nina, your work inspires so many people, hope you are truthfull about your inspirations.

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