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“Where’s the ‘Lexi’ shirt?” “I want kids’ sizes!” “I want a shirt with the male ‘Shadow Puppet ’!” “Can we have other colors please?”

Our shirts are silk screen printed, yielding much higher quality products than “on-demand” shirts. But that quality comes at a cost. Unlike on-demand shirts, we must pay for shirts in advance, investing in color separations, screens, films, inks, and blank shirts, and committing to a minimum run of 36 pieces.

However YOU, dear reader, can SPONSOR-A-SHIRT! Want us to offer “Ravana” in kids’ sizes? A donation of $400 to questioncopyright.org will allow it to exist in up to 3 kid’s sizes OF YOUR CHOICE. Want “Lexi” to go into production? A $500 donation makes it happen in your choice of one style (Men’s, Women’s, Camisole, or Kids’), color, and up to 3 sizes….

When the product becomes available, its product page at the Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise Empire will say “This shirt sponsored by _________________,” with a link. You can sponsor a shirt in your name, or on behalf of a friend, loved one or organization. You’ll know exactly how your donation is being invested, making our organization more sustainable. It’s not going to consumables like food or rent – it’s starting a new revenue stream…

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2 thoughts on “Sponsor-A-Shirt!”

  1. Love your work. Adored Sita Sings The Blues – sent the link to all my friends – and now currently hunting down Hanshaw tracks though it’s nigh impossible to find over here.

  2. Enterprising individuals could also take it upon themselves to use your designs at a professional t-shirt design site (i.e. customink.com among others) and just MAKE a bunch of the shirts in kids’ sizes, and sell them on ebay with a creator-endorsement deal worked out with nina, and links to the ebay store/offerings featured on the website.

    Of course i realize this was ALWAYS a possibility, but figured i’d point it out here as an alternative…

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