Sita comes “home”

Sita Sings the Blues is going to screen in Trivandrum, Kerala, at the 2nd International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala.

Kairali Theatre on  20/06/09 at 6.15 pm

I couldn’t find an official web site, but there’s a blog about the festival here.

I was living in Trivandrum when I read my first Ramayana, and started drawing characters from it, which eventually became Sita Sings the Blues. I won’t be attending this festival, but I’m thrilled Sita will.


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  1. I read about Sita… in a magazine called Tehelka a few months ago and saw it today at the Trivandrum fest. It’s brilliant! Loved the song sung by Luv and Kush and the jig that follows!

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