Before and After


I titled this “The Maiden and the Crone” on facebook.

Speaking of which, I seem to be posting a lot more updates on facebook than on this here blog. Is this part of a trend? Are blogs going to die of atrophy? What does it all mean?


4 thoughts on “Before and After”

  1. I see. Virgins are in black and white, while “experienced” women are in color. That’s how you tell them apart!

  2. Nina, but if you only publish on Facebook, those like me who don’t have an account there won’t be able to read you and those contents won’t be detected by Google. Please, please, keep using your blog!

  3. Facebook is fun cuz most posts are not exactly profound, so you can get away with any old crap. If you’ve got an important message, put it here & link from facebook.
    _john the shallow

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