July Media Roundup

Screen Daily quotes me in this article about indies and “piracy.” Fortunately I come off as a voice of reason in a world gone mad (to me at least). Don’t believe the MPAA’s lies; they don’t have the interests of small independent filmmakers at heart, that’s for sure.

The Morning News runs a nice short interview of moi.

July’s United Airlines “Hemispheres” in-flight magazine

Far Eastern Economic Review: Salil Tripathi’s October 2008 article about “Sita” finally viewable without an exorbitant subscription fee.

Radio: I was interviewed for NPR’s To the Best of Our Knowledge. Starts at about 13:30.


2 thoughts on “July Media Roundup”

  1. Awesome! United? F.E.E.R.? This insanity is warming the hearts of your long-time fans.

  2. By a coincidence I saw Copying Isn’t Theft song on YouTube and ended up here. I´m a cynical artist myself and I´ve been very desperate about most artists stance on the piracy issue. Among the scene it´s so rare to find people who think like you, which makes me very pessimistic about the future. DMCA comes and artists give an applause. They´re easily corrupted by media industry, even though many of them try to keep such an uncommercial, indie image of themselves.

    You do very important work as you say loud and clear what you think and make yourself as an example how an artist don´t need to go into war with an audience. Thank you for that and keep up the good work!

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