New Director Photos

Dang I’ve needed new “official” photos for a long time. Luckily my best friend Ian Akin is in town, and we were able to visit my friend Seema’s house in Long Beach Saturday, and Ian took some swell pictures.


More here.


2 thoughts on “New Director Photos”

  1. Dear Nina, you look so great!!! We just thought about you and our meeting in Berlin, asked ourselves how you are and then we found this beautiful photo. We wish you that the summer with the sunshine brings you happiness and power. Stay on your path!
    P.S. Got your DVDs!!! Artist and normal. Cover is very good. Who can forget this eye?

  2. I just saw your film yesterday at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center. When it was over, the guy sitting next to me (whom I didn’t know from Adam) turned to me and said, “That was fantastic! I didn’t want it to end.” I completely agree.

    As a result of your work, I have been inspired to take my copy of The Ramayana off my bookshelf and add it to the queue of books to read in the near future. I’ve also very happily discovered Ms. Hanshaw’s music.

    I was extraordinarily pleased to come to your website and find that you are making the film freely available. I’m recommending it to everyone (well, I would have, anyway – but it’s nice to be able to tell them how easy it is for them to see).

    Thank you so much for this movie.

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