Fluff: a test

testing to see if I can upload a gigantic “Fluff” strip via wordpress. Will the link go to an image, or file, or what?


Update: on my browser, it read as a Quicktime file. But “Save As Source” saved it as a .tif again. This is good news.


5 thoughts on “Fluff: a test”

  1. I watched the movie in Animamundi Festival, on a rainy day, here in São Paulo – Brazil. I was all wet and found the last empty chair, but it was worth a lot to me. I didn’t know about your work. Really nice suprise!
    I wrote an article in my blog about “Sita Sings The Blues” and copyright problems (in portugues). You combines a great talent with a great sense of humor and courage artistic.


    Ah! I’m running Firefox 3.0.13, and read as a Quicktime file

  2. Running firfox on Ubuntu, clicking the link brought up a dialog box that recognized the file as a tif image and prompted me to open or save.

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