Sita Sings the Blues Free Distribution Report #1


This is a rather tardy “first-quarter” report about the Free Distribution of Sita Sings the Blues. It was hastily written July 31 for a conference the next day. Please read about our business model. As of this posting (August 5, 2009) numbers remain approximate and incomplete. The store has actually grossed $34,883.00 to date, but some of those sales are for merchandise; sales of QCO’s “standard edition” Sita DVD are split between me and QCO, and so aren’t fully reflected in this report. In other words, store income is reported conservatively, some numbers should be higher but Karl Fogel is busy right now so these will have to do. Also, I failed to include income from indie cinemas like Central Cinema in Seattle. Those probably add $3,000 to $5,000. Even the conservative numbers in the report reveal an important truth: I am making money with my “Free” content.


2 thoughts on “Sita Sings the Blues Free Distribution Report #1”

  1. Hi Nina,

    In one of your slides you mentioned that you don’t know how your film is doing in Swiss cinemas. Well, I can only speak for Zurich: Sita has come out just a few days ago. It’s playing in an “art house” cinema ( and the two biggest Swiss newspapers (NZZ, and Tages Anzeiger, are loving it. Tages Anzeiger is even suggesting that we should “forget Ice Age” and that Sita is hugely entertaining. NZZ is praising your creativity and design work. Unfortunately no one is mentioning CC or your copyright battle.

  2. Outstanding. I couldn’t be happier for you. I spread the word every chance I get.

    Looking forward to your next film, and your eventual George Lucas self-made mogul status. 🙂

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