4 thoughts on “Nina Speaks!”

  1. Actually, it looks like you’re getting ready to lift and blow away that little patch of dark clouds in the top right corner of the picture. LOL

  2. In the foto you look like dear leader Kim Il Nina launching a thousand programs/pigeons, hehe

  3. Whoa whoha…. luvd yr movie. ( We all love you too)

    east meest west… great FUSION. You are so cool. Words cannot do justice.
    The company should have rewarded you for bringing Hanshaw alive and people like me who had not known her would now buy her music. Hindu fanatics should thank you for making Sita an international entity.

    When my mother came back to India after visiting USA first time in late seventies , her first comment was , well, noone knows Rama, Krishna , who meant so much to her .
    Good luck. If you ever want to see the Grand canyon, make my home your base to travel.

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