Nell Minow: Film Reviewer, “CEO Killer”

So there I was reading an old New Yorker, and came across this article about a lawyer who exposes overpaid corporate CEOs. The name and the picture looked familiar. Could it be the same Nell Minow who interviewed me about Sita Sings the Blues? Why yes, it is! Turns out the “Movie Mom” is kicking ass and taking names in CEO land.

“I believe that what we’ve seen recently is a corporate takeover of the capitalist system, to the benefit of certain actors in that system and to the detriment of everybody else.” —Nell Minow, aka “the Movie Mom”

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Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

2 thoughts on “Nell Minow: Film Reviewer, “CEO Killer””

  1. Thanks very much! I was thrilled to see your film honored at Roger Ebert’s “overlooked film” festival and featured on YouTube’s animation home page. I love “Sita” (I even had a Hanshaw CD before I saw the film) and hope to talk with you again — about movies or overpaid executives!

  2. I remember Nell from the Ebertfest panel of crtics talking about the role of critics in the flick business. She was quite impressive.

    Remember that Nell’s father was Newt Minow who described television as a “vast wasteland.” He chaired the FCC in the Kennedy administration. And when I checked him on Wikipedia, he is still leading a very active life. Worth a look. Undoubtedly many of his ideas rubbed off onto Nell.

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