Sita Soundtrack now available!

You can buy it right now at CDBaby. Soon it will be at the Sita Merch Empire (where we’ll get more profit per sale), but with today’s snow it may take a while for the initial shipment of CDs to reach the order fulfillment warehouse.

In semi-related news, I mention the soundtrack on this podcast interview with the CommandLine. I was all worried about being inarticulate, but actually I said some smart stuff. Thanks to Thomas Gideon/cmdln for asking smart questions, making smart comments, and making a smart show.

Oh, and DC was fun! I spoke at American University. Great audience, great hosts. (And AU’s IP Law Clinic did all the initial legal research on the Annette Hanshaw songs I used in Sita Sings the Blues, for which I am forever grateful.) During my visit, everyone in DC was still talking about their weeks-past “snowpocalypse,” even though the snow was mostly melted, just some patches on the sides of the streets. I thought, “big deal, I wish we’d gotten more snow in New York.” Then I came back to New York just in time for a snowpocalypse here! I have a lot more sympathy for DC now.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

3 thoughts on “Sita Soundtrack now available!”

  1. Hey…my niece goes to American! She’s a budding animation guru like her very proud uncle (although she’s currently studying architecture). I’ll have to ask her if she went.

    Now when are you coming to South Florida? -s

  2. I used Sita Sings The Blues in my 9th grade world history class this year. They dug it, though they said it was odd.

  3. LOL Val, it is odd. Nina’s version of Ramayana is novel and so very human. I really don’t think you should use all of the movie as a teaching aid.

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