Synfig help needed in New York

I want to learn Synfig. If I succeed, I can then teach it to others. I bought a used tablet PC for this purpose, but I have never installed Linux, and am used to a Mac. If there are any Synfig users in New York who would be willing to help set up my PC and give me a Synfig lesson, I would be extremely grateful. Please contact me via comments or here. Thank you!

New splash screen. By David Rylander (rylleman)


Author: Nina Paley

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10 thoughts on “Synfig help needed in New York”

  1. Whoa, thanks for the tip that synfig even exists. I bet my 9 year old will love this.

    And looking it up, I found a million YouTube tutorials. Maybe less info than is helpful for you though…

  2. My experience with Ubuntu is to just boot up the CD and do everything it says, and it works.

    Unless you have archaic or freak hardware, in which case it doesn’t.

    Either way I recommend installing it on your own just for the cheap thrills. It feels so wrong to delete Windows; if they make it illegal I’ll do it twice as often.

  3. You have my respect for committing your creative efforts to FOSS software available on a FOSS OS, as an act of discipline in keeping with the core of your unique vision; however, I just want to point out that if ever you regret the low productivity offered by this tool, the most productive animation engines ever created will still be waiting for you in the commercial world: iClone and Crazy Talk Animator. Either way, best wishes.

  4. Hi there. I love your work and I’m excited to see this post. I think your work would be great using Synfig. I started working in it a year ago and then had to stop in order to make money. In the next couple months, I’m going to jump into the project I set aside. You’ll love the drawing/shading capabilities. Once I get through the basics again, maybe we can help each other with our progress or tackle different aspects of the software. Please feel free to email me:)
    Best of luck! I set the software up on a Lynux system (Ubuntu) and it runs without a hitch. Check out the vimeo videos by Quadro Chave. Here is a link:

    Those videos and the tutorials on the synfig site got me up and running.

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