Sita Limited Edition Signed Soft Sculptures

Sita Soft SculptureThese aren’t dolls, or toys, or cushions – they’re SOFT SCULPTURES. Why? because regulatory capture means the cost of registrations, licenses, and fees to legally call it a doll are beyond anything we could possibly afford.


These limited edition soft sculptures were hand-appliqued, beaded, and embroidered in India by the craftswomen of Ubuntu at Work; each unique piece is signed in embroidery by the woman who fashioned it. Because of the cost of registrations, licenses, and fees to legally import them already stuffed, they were sent unstuffed to New York, where I and my colleagues lovingly stuffed each one with polyester fiber-fill and sewed them up by hand.

Bliss Blood, Bill Benzon and Karl Fogel help stuff and sew

That way, if calling them soft sculptures not dolls/toys/cushions, and including this “WARNING! DANGER! NOT FOR CHILDREN! UNREGULATED ITEM MAY CAUSE CHOKING, EXPLOSIONS, OR APOCALYPSE!” is not sufficient to avoid a lawsuit, it is I, Nina Paley, who will accept the liability, rather than Ubuntu at Work.

Stuffin' 'n' sewin'

While stuffing and sewing are exactly the sort of labor the craftswomen of Ubuntu at Work desire, and do efficiently and well and affordably, regulatory capture of stuffed goods in the U.S. ensures they won’t get this work, and established legacy toy corporations with legal teams will hire slave labor to make corporate crap instead. Therefore this is a LIMITED EDITION of only 30 soft sculptures. Each one is also signed and numbered by me, Nina Paley.

Made of cotton fabric; cotton and polyester thread; small glass beads; polyester fiber fill. About 15″” tall.


Shahjahan, Mubeena, and Saiqa, who sewed, beaded and embroidered the shells, see me finish them. They're in Bangalore and I'm in New York. This evidence of our collaboration kind of blows my mind.


5 comments to Sita Limited Edition Signed Soft Sculptures

  • sue c ogden

    Dear Creator of “Sita Sings the Blues” – I fell in love with your film free on the net, bought it from your site and continue to enjoy every month of two sharing with whoever is trapped in my house or will listen to me command them to see it!
    Now, I have just watched “The Buddha” (PBS) Richard Gere, etc. and am wondering if they borrowed some of your ideas, material, technique without due credit?
    But now I see the dolls – tell me you have just one more to sell?! I would love to have one to showcase and perhaps put in the rear window of my new 1984 Mercedez Diesel car that everyone looks at!
    Bragging about the car but really, really would love a Sita?
    Would someone answer, pretty please????
    susie, provincetown, ma

  • anjali

    Hey! I would love one of these! Are there any still available?

  • anjali

    And do you ship to Canada?

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