Dear Iceland

Dear Iceland,

I really want to visit your country in early to mid October. A festival in Sweden has invited me to speak around October 14-16, and would like to make a stopover before or after or both. I am greatly intrigued by Iceland’s Modern Media Initiative*. Might there be some way I could speak at a university there, or at least meet Icelanders involved with media reform and free speech issues?



*P.S. OK, not just the Modern Media Initiative. I’m also intrigued by your giant thermal pools.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Close to Reykjavik, Iceland


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Dear Iceland”

  1. ooh, you should checkout Birjitta Jonsdottir on twitter or her website. She’s an artist(poet) and now politician and heads the IMMI program. She is also under the DOJ investigation of wikileaks for her part in editing the collateral murder video, which is how I heard about her, and then got interested in what she was doing. I should add that I love the surname “Jonsdottir”. It is refreshing to see people still use it.!/birgittaj

  2. Squee! Huge fan, here – and it just so happens I’m sojourning in Iceland, right now (mostly, I live in Arizona). I’d LOVE to get you over here, especially if it’s before I head back to the States – just so’s I can fanboy you shamelessly, I mean, show you the beauties of Icland. So! Do you need a paid gig over here? And when exactly? Detials, I need details!

    – KJARTAN –

  3. dear mam,
    let me first of all let me congratulate for your fabulous work sita sings the blues and thank you from bottom of my heart for it has been the only thing lately which made me laugh my guts out and enjoy the moment
    please dont be bothered about the indian community the truth is gods are a multimillion asset in the indian spiritual market so for every other reason our religious sentiments are ready to get hurt. especially a westerners take on indian spirituality or gods unless if the westerner is not a part of the flock of sheep program….

    its a shame that i accidentally discovered this film on youtube this late, im going to make sure all my friends and colleague watch this master piece film as it has now become my karmic duty to promote this film.

    please keep us surprising more in the future
    much love and respect from india
    your fan

  4. Dear Nina – would love to meet you – i will be in iceland around this time – heading off to the frankfurt book fair on the 14th though – hope Kjartan can help arrange setting up an event for you:)

    you should have gotten my email via the form – write to me directly if you like

    with oceans of joy from the island of extremes


  5. Iceland is one of my favorite place to visit and I’m looking forward about it, Thanks Nina for your blog.
    I recommend you also to visit our country Philippines.

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