12 thoughts on “Seder Masochism: Phase I”

  1. Brilliant title.

    I foresee a meta-project, where you get one orthodox group from every major religion picketing your home.

    “But wait, the Buddhists haven’t shown up yet! I won’t have the complete collection!”

  2. For me and my wife, the title is a bit off-putting. Does it really reflect what the film is likely to be about, or was it just a pun you couldn’t resist?

  3. Dear Nina,
    I would so love to have you at my seder, but I simply cannot have recordings going on because of halachic (Jewish religious law) concerns. I am afraid that what you are going to get is only the share of the population that doesn’t follow Jewish law -which is going to narrow what you end up with and skew it a certain way. Perhaps you could send out a battery of people who have those great reporter skills of remembering what people say and being able to write it down later…?

    I’m sorry not to be able to support your project as is, but please feel free to come and join our seder anyway! I loved Sita! Be well, and I hope to have you join us sometime!


  4. Is the law that prohibits recording at Seders the one that prohibits using any machines on the Sabbath? Could I bring a “Shabbos Goy” to turn on the devices?

  5. Nina,

    I would love to have you at my seder come spring! It will be college student heavy + tiny apartment + me being pretty much the only Jew. So it should be awesomely hilarious.

  6. Hi Nina! I came across your blog by chance, very happy to be here 🙂
    About the devices you are planning to use, have you considered perhaps renting them? It might be cheaper and you’re not stuck with 8 recording devices after the movie is done…
    Oh, and I don’t agree with what Alana said, that you won’t get the full Seder experience unless you are with Jews who are observant 24/7. I am sure you will find a nice group of people who will be a fantastic subject for your research 😉
    Good luck!

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