Gnaana “Avatars of Vishnu” Calendar

This came out really nice! A small company called Gnaana used my Avatars of Vishnu art to make a very lovely wall calendar. The art is Free Culture; the printed calendars are rivalrous goods which you can buy here. I just got my copies, and they are really handsome.


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  • Nina, I just watched Sita Sings the Blues for the first time last night, although I was familiar with the artwork from the time I read of the film in the news two years ago. Your work is truly inspiring, mind blowing and so very very creative! I’m impressed that you took all that sadness and made something so beautiful and meaningful out of it. I’m sorry that not all of our Indian people were very receptive to your great work of art but trust me, there are very many of them out there who remain inspired by it. I wish you the very best for all your future works!

  • nora

    Agree! I have send the link of your Sita film to my friends so they would enjoy it as much as I do. It really sends the message. It is complex message, I admit, not easy to digest, kind of puzzling but no less right on target (on Sita’s mysery and adventures). Also is so enjoyable! Your Sita made me read a lot more on these old myths and the (often wretched) female avatars. Thank you Nina.
    Hugs! Nice cat too.

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