16 thoughts on “My Jew Card”

  1. “Let’s all be Jewish!” Haha. I’ll be glad to use this card. Actually, I (seriously)used to wonder if I could become Jewish, for no other purpose that being one (I found them cool), and disregarding my atheism (since there are atheist Jews). It reminds me your Mimi and Eunice’s comic strip about this : “You’ve appropiated my culture!”

  2. You gonna start printing up African American race cards so that the KKK can use them?

  3. Brian Macker – that is the stupidest comment I’ve ever gotten at ninapaley.com. And I’ve gotten a lot of stupid comments.

  4. I agree with Brian Macker, … I found this blog after reading all the anti-samitic comments posted with your “This Land Is Mine”

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