Is Chinese video hosting the answer?

Youtube has been so rife with Content ID abuse – including multiple false claims on our Free Culture anthem, Copying Is Not Theft – I decided to try a Chinese video host. I’m embedding it here just to test how it works. So far the audio seems a little out of synch – anyone else getting that? Comments welcome below.


Author: Nina Paley

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14 thoughts on “Is Chinese video hosting the answer?”

  1. The audio moves around a bit, fell behind for a few frames and then caught up again but nothing jarring.

    However, I am in California. You’ll probably see more of a problem back East (more hops through busy trunks).

  2. Audio works fine here (sweden) but it was a bit hard changing settings and stuff, the player being in chinese… Especially as I dont have any chinese fonts installed.
    How about vimeo? Too locked in for your taste?

  3. Audio worked. Loading is very slow. I do love the pause-advertisements.

    The enemy of my enemy is not my faithful friend. The spirit of free culture may amuse the Party, but I don’t rely on their discretion. Some more-open countries have less draconian IP regulation than USA.

    I didn’t know about IP claims against CopyrightIsn’tTheft. Google refused to take down an anti-Islam video at the request of PotUS, but I bet EMI or Sony could get it removed.

  4. Actually, I’d considered that, too, until I looked up their policy on copyrighted material and apparently they’re going to be using a video “fingerprinting” system after reaching an “agreement with Hollywood studios”. Don’t know if it’s being implemented yet. FWIW that’s kind of unusual for the Chinese since they don’t have much in the way of copyright laws in their country.

    Speaking of Youku, if you search around you can find some interesting and creative Chinese animated shorts done in different styles. Maybe consider spending some time in Shanghai, which is very liveable for Westerners.

  5. Looked & sounded fine to me, here in the NE USA. I have a 64-bit Windows PC and my browser is Mozilla/Firefox v16. Dunno if that makes a difference in audio & video playback quality.

  6. 10 years ago, you could upload whatever you wanted onto CHinese sites, including hollywood films, but american corporations started complaining, and the Chinese caved into u.s. corporate demands. a lot of people dont know this, but the u.s govt and corporations actually have a lot of influence in China, and the Chinese ruling class is generally pro-american. so it’s not like China can do whatever it wants.

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