Youtube’s Content ID abuse is out of control

Today I received not one but two fraudulent copyright claims on my Free and Copyleft work (instances of Sita Sings the Blues and All Creative Work is Derivative). I’ve also received fraudulent claims on Copying Is Not Theft, as have others who have re-posted it and translations.

This is why I’m looking into Chinese video hosting. When China starts looking like a Free Speech haven, something is really wrong with the United States.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

14 thoughts on “Youtube’s Content ID abuse is out of control”

  1. That’s a fine idea. Has archive’s embed feature been improved? That’s what kept me from relying on it exclusively a couple years ago.

  2. Vimeo might work, certainly professional and allows branding with Vimeo hosting being hidden, but commercial use is $200 / year last I checked. I don’t think you need commercial though, since you’re not charging for it.

  3. It looks like you’re mixing up Google with the United States, and chinese video hosting services with China.

  4. Anonymous said:
    “It looks like you’re mixing up Google with the United States, and chinese video hosting services with China.”

    You are clearly right of course. Because we all know that Google created the ContentID system on their own initiative, and that the Chinese government has no, and want no, control over Chinese internet services. Yup… That’s it…

  5. I respect (and to some extent agree with) the sentiment behind this post, but suggesting that China looks like a Free Speech haven compared to the United States suggests a breathtaking ignorance of free speech and internet freedom issues in China Nina.

  6. Hi Nina,

    I had the same experience with my fr translation of Copying is not theft “Copier c’est pas voler” ( a few months ago.

    Copyright was claimed by a TV channel. It asked for adding ads on video to touch their tribute… In fact, the video was showed with youtube ads even if i neved activated this feature.

    A motivated answer dropped off ads from the video but no official appologies from google nor youtube…

    As i noticed to them, there are mentions for punishing publisher which makes false declarations, but no mention about abusive denonciation…

    How dare are claims took so easily, how publishers are considered as gulty, and how can an abusive claim be left without punishing the frauder ?

    It looks like a bot which parses youtube looking for “free” content and claiming it to touch undue retribution…

    Hope you’ll clear out this case…

    Best Regards

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