Free e-card!

happy chanukah!

As promised, here’s Judah Maccabee hammering Romans┬áSeleucids as a Chanukah e-card. Please copy and share and all that.

P.S.: Any “holiday” gifts more lavish than sharing bits are against my principles, as founder of the Christmas Resistance Movement (which goes for Chanukah overconsumption as well).


5 comments to Free e-card!

  • Ok, I’m a dork. How do I share it as an ecard?

    Thanks, Nina. And Happy Sharingdays!

  • Cary Bass

    Romans? Surely these are Seleucids…

  • Cary Bass

    Ach, never mind, I see these *are* your Romans. I see what you did there.

  • nick

    this guy looks like a greek! not like a jew..

  • Jeff Sokolow

    The Hashmonean family (aka the Macabbees) fought against the Syrian Greeks (the dynasty of the Hanukkah story villain Antiochus Epiphanes was founded by Seleucus, one of Alexander the Great’s generals, after the death of Alexander). To fend off the Seleucids, the Hashmoneans formed an alliance with Rome, which finally took control of Judea about a century after the death of Judah Macabbee. You can read about it in Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews or in the first two books of the Macabbees in the Apocrypha. Or look it up on wikipedia. Be well.

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