Hormoned Hathor

When Yahweh said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” he probably meant goddesses. The popular cow-goddess Hathor may have been the golden calf of Exodus. That’s the angle I’m taking in Seder-Masochism, since so much of the Books of Moses seem devoted to crushing both competing (read: goddess-worshipping) religions as well as actual women (read: Leviticus and the even-worse Numbers). Here is a femmed-up Hathor experiment, a composite of both her cow/profile painting and humanoid/scultpural idioms. Plus some wings, because most Egyptian goddesses were portrayed in winged form sometimes, and wings are cool. Yes, her udders are boobies. Maybe I’ll scale it back for the actual movie, but I like my deities well-sexed. That’s why I portray Mount Sinai like this:

Mt. Horeb, Mt. Sinai


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

9 thoughts on “Hormoned Hathor”

  1. The udders are no worse than the Capitoline Wolf statue, but there’s always the matter of the society, and audience, the art is created in/for.

  2. I’m reasonably sure that the protagonists (if we can call them such) of the Book of Moses were focused on crushing any competing religions, regardless of the gender of its gods/goddesses… Especially since most of those religions were polytheistic anyway. The Book of Moses guys had so much hate, there was always plenty to go around for everyone ! Yey !

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