TLIM Quilt on the Auction Block!

TLIM quilt darkI’ve had some requests for This Land Is Mine quilts. I can produce a small edition of them if the price is right and the buyers are there. The question is: how to price them? I’ve sold signed limited-edition prints in the past for $350-$500. This quilt is essentially a print on fabric, but requires an additional day of work for me to layer, free-motion quilt, and bind it (and sign it too of course). So I’d want no less than $500 a piece. However, it’s technically a quilt, one of the most under-valued art forms out there. Plus it’s rather small (about 34″ square), and meant for the wall – not even a particularly useful quilt. And it’s not even pieced.

So I’m doing an experiment: auctioning this one on eBay.

If you have other ideas about pricing more artist-made, signed TLIM quilts, let me know in the comments. What would you pay? What size edition would be acceptable? Would an open edition make any difference? Realistically, I probably don’t have time or stamina to make more than maybe 10 of these, so I could easily claim “50” as the limit to an edition and it would functionally be open. Any other thoughts most welcome.

And you can bid on it here.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

4 thoughts on “TLIM Quilt on the Auction Block!”

  1. $500…how warm is it?

    Kidding, of course. They’ll be even more valuable post-sedermasochism.

  2. I really like the Shedu piece even better than this one. Alas, I am too poverty stricken to even consider it….but it does dawn on me that you might get your $500 and more per decorative quilt by doing it as a raffle….say $5 or $10 per ticket? And set a time and minimum tickets sold…then some lucky sort gets a quilt and you get the money!

  3. Lady, I’m in love with you.

    Just stumbled on TLIM animation on You Tube which got me here. Incredible animation. Incredible quilts as well. I’m a kid of the israeli-palestinian conflict, I basically lead my life according to it. But I think this is the first time that I see something this beautiful bringing it back to the universal absurdity of human life and behavior.
    thank you.
    And nice politics about copyrights.
    I’ll go on exploring your site and all its ramifications. I want to know and see more.
    I am impressed. Really.
    My sincere condolences for Bruno.

  4. I’d love to commission you for a very small wall-hanging but I know that’s probably never going to be accepted since you’re so busy. Watching the animation progression for the Egyptian Gods very closely!

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