New Merch! “This Land Is Mine” Silk Pocket Square

pure silk This Land Is Mine 13" pocket square

A fine haberdasher asked me to design this fine 100% silk 13″ x 13″ pocket square with designs from This Land Is Mine. They are very fancy! $45-a-piece fancy, which is what fine haberdasherous silk pocket squares go for. Buy yours here.

This Land Is Mine pocket square shown to scale

Product Description

“This Land Is Mine” pocket square: millennia of violent territorial disputes distilled into a charming, non-violent, 100% silk 13″x13″ pocket square. Square made in France; history made in the Levant. (Alternate video link at vimeo. Note: pocket square does not play video.)



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “New Merch! “This Land Is Mine” Silk Pocket Square”

  1. Love it! Is it big enough to function as a neckerchief . . . being a chick I have little call for a pocket square, but would love this as a scarf!

  2. That’s a great design, and I really like the colours too. I am interested in the haberdasher – you say they are in France. What is the name? Do they make a range of squares, besides this one?

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