1. I see the pictures of your cat playing with the thread and it makes my heart hurt. We lost our beloved Mandy cat in May from the same sort of playing. We didn’t know she was eating the thread until she started to vomit. We rushed her to the vet, who did surgery to remove the thread from her intestines. There was even a piece wrapped around her tongue that was in her stomach also. Unfortunately, she got an infection and after a second surgery and two weeks on antibiotics, we had to put her to sleep. She was only 14 months old and we miss her every day. Please don’t let your cats play with the sewing machine and thread. I unthread mine and cover it every time I step away from the machine. I learned the hard way.

  2. I’m so sorry about your cat! I lost my beloved Bruno this past winter (to old age and generally failing health). I know the dangers of thread, yarn, string and tinsel to cats; Lola was supervised with the machine (hence the photos!) and although she pulled thread with her mouth I made sure she didn’t actually eat any. And yes, everything gets put away when I’m not working, or else the door to the sewing room gets closed. Not just to protect the cats, but to avoid chaos in general. I adopted this policy when the pinmoors on a quilt I was working on went missing. My cats were pulling them off the pins with their teeth and hiding them all over the house. I don’t think pinmoors are dangerous (and oh how my cats love them) but if they can do that, who knows what other havoc they will wreak.

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