7 thoughts on “Transmission”

  1. I don’t understand the underlying intellectual property regime inherent in this so-called “idea sharing” communication model. Do you have a patent for this? Who collects and administers the licensing fees associated with each transaction? What’s the legal framework for infringement and dispute resolution? Why does the person transfering the idea still retain it afterwards? #puzzling

  2. This is absolutely brilliant in concept, humour and beauty! I just went to the Confia 2013 conference in Portugal on illustration and animation and have been sharing this post with everyone as a perfect expression of the happy sharing of ideas.

  3. Just watched Sita Sings the Blues for about the tenth time. Having lived for six years in South India in the 1960’s while working at a medical school, I have been well-aware of the Ramayana and other Indian mythologies. This is simply one of of the most imaginative, entertaining films ever; an all time favorite, and a perfect accompaniment to the curry and rice, eaten with my fingers, while watching. Namaste.

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