The Slaughterer came…



…and killed the Ox that drank the Water that extinguished the Fire that burnt the Stick that beat the Dog that bit the Cat that ate the Goat that my father bought for two zuzim. Chad Gadya


Update: animation modified to show Shochet slicing from below. He’s still decapitating the poor beast, but it’s slightly more kosher for sticklers. Yes I know kosher slaughter involves slitting the animal’s throat, it just seems so grotesque that the cartoon shorthand of bloody decapitation expresses it best for me. But for those who consider slitting from below important, here ya go.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “The Slaughterer came…”

  1. Hey – Nina – enjoying these previews. When I saw this, I did have a thought. There’s an importance in Judaism to specific slaughtering techniques. It looks like your schochet is decapitating the animal, which would render it unkosher. Details on the correct procedure are on wikipedia –

  2. Or if not reverse grip, at least consistent blade direction. After the slaughter, the blade continues up and is towards the Slaughterer until the gif-cycle reverses it. Shifting a rectangle might be easier to do than redoing the knife angle.

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