Tree Applique Quilt


More raw-edge applique on the quilt plotter! About 94″ square. Cotton fabric, cotton-polyester batting, polyester thread. The process:

photo 4

Stitch all-over background design, including shapes where leaves, fruits and branches go.


Cut out pieces of leaf- and fruit-colored fabric. Lay them on the quilt (still in the frame) over where they’ll be stitched down. Return frame to quilt plotter and stitch.


When the leaves and fruits are stitched, lay a big piece of brown, tree-colored fabric over them where the branches go, and another piece where the trunk goes. Stitch.

greenlaidTrim the base of the tree and lay a piece of green fabric over it as above.


Stitch that sucker down per the digital design you’ve carefully prepared. Then fold the fabric over and quilt on the top.


When done stitching, remove quilt from frame and trim. Begin snipping.

NinSnipsTreeSnip snip snip.

TreeAppliqueDone3Snip until done, then  bind.


Here’s the back.



Et voila.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

6 thoughts on “Tree Applique Quilt”

  1. That’s beautiful! And I love the color combination. It looks so fresh and optimistic 🙂
    And thanks for the photos of the process as well, it’s really interesting.

  2. do the coloured threads for leaves, fruit, and trunk show on the back as well? or is it all white on the back? ( it looks white, but i’m not sure i’d be able to see) might be cool to have the colours on the back.

  3. Your process is amazing. Do I understand correctly that you quilt the applique background first leaving blank spaces where the applique designs will go? How do you keep the leaves in place while stitching if not using fusible? How do you keep the applique edges from fraying once trimmed?

  4. I love to look at pictures of how to quilt. This post would be a great addition to my ideas. Thanks for sharing your quilting expertise. Reading others people's posts gives me a great insight into other people's thought process for designing a quilt. This tree looks so cool! It's always good to see what can be done in the quilting field and then to reflect on how I can expand my ideas and expertise. I also found some good ideas on and use these ideas as a source of inspiration for my work.

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