Water Wheel

water wheel5
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Back on the Quiltimation front, I was wondering if I could arrange animated frames on a quilt in a mandala/medallion pattern, rather than left-to-right cells. This would essentially be a quilted phenakistoscope, with the animation emerging as the whole thing is rotated (we’d keep the camera and lights stable, and rotate the quilt).

water wheel6
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The saturated colors here would be lost, although I could use a few colors of thread. The elements are early Leviathan designs, and Water from Chad Gadya which is still in (very slow) progress.



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

One thought on “Water Wheel”

  1. such a cool idea! i really admire your creativity and experimentation! also, it makes me so happy that you and your partner in crime(and geeky quilting and animation) found each other, your projects together look like a lot of fun.

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