The Promised Land


Soon I hope to be able to make gifs that look a lot better than this. A friend is helping, but he first needs to teach me some command-line stuff which I’ve never done on my Mac. Meanwhile here’s a dithery giffy glimpse of the Promised Land that is smaller than 640×480 because WordPress has a 2MB limit for image uploads. My next modification to this scene will be adding milk and honey, and maybe some rainbows coming out of the flying unicorns’ butts.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

10 thoughts on “The Promised Land”

  1. You can get around the limit on your blog by uploading the image somewhere else (say, and linking in the image hosted there. Maybe your hoster offers you some space to host files? That might work too. has download URLs (the word “download” is a part of the URL instead of a reference to a specific server) which allow direct file access. You can put in a little markup into your blog (one line, really) which references that download URL and you’ve suddenly got an image (or audio file, or movie, or anything else browsers can show inline) that’s as large as you need it to be but appears to be a part of the blog page just as much as what you’ve been doing by uploading images.

  2. In theory you could use to host the files – that’s the preferred host for most images on Reddit, though there are apparently some other sites that optimize animated gifs better (such as gfycat).

    I thought about trying to hot-embed them here but it appears that image tags probably won’t be observed (understandably due to vandalism risks).

  3. I don’t really want to put up larger gifs anyway – they’re too hard to load over phone connections. Fortunately I’ll be able to compress higher quality gifs soon, so even though they’ll be small they’ll look better.

  4. imgur takes your gif and converts it to a browser-compatible video format that has a smaller size, so it should work fine in mobile.

  5. Please, Please, Please, Nina, where (how) can I buy a complete Seder Masochism (Hagadah)?

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