18 thoughts on “Horse Quiltimation”

  1. i would love to have this quilt! Is it possible to purchase? Please let me know where I can find it! It is so beautiful!

  2. yes, that’s a double suspension gait — greyhounds and some other sighthounds have it too…

  3. Nina,
    Love, Love the quilt…do you have the pattern for sale? If so, I would love to purchase it.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Aloha! I have been looking for horse patterns for a few months to to make a soecial quilt for a niece who adores horses. May we purchasr this pattern?

    Or text me @808-281-4805

    Thank you!
    Pamela Lance

  5. Your quilts are beautiful, more than beautiful.
    My Grandaughter is an equestrian and she would love me to make her this quilt . Would you consider sharing the instructions.

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