Angel O’ Death T-shirts

Available again until November 24, because people apparently like to buy stuff in November.



Available until December 3 2014 April 13 October 18 November 24 here! There’s a pull-down menu that lets you choose between men’s and women’s crew necks, v-necks, and unisex long sleeved shirts. Teespring worked great for the Passover Satyr shirts – I was pleased with the quality of both the screen printing and the shirt stock. This is a much easier way for me to produce shirts than trying to figure out demand in advance and paying for everything up front.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

18 thoughts on “Angel O’ Death T-shirts”

  1. Hi, I just saw “Death of the Firstborn …”, came here and now of course want this t-shirt. I guess I’ll buy it from Teespring since that is the only option. But I’m in europe and shipping, customs handling and VAT charges will end up costing more than the tee itself. I’d rather spend that extra money on an additional shirt. Have you considered adding a european teespring like site as an option? I know of (I have no connection to them) but there are likely others. Looking forward to the film!

  2. Just copy the design from this web site and print it locally. Nina does not believe in copyright protection so she won’t have a problem if you do that.

  3. Hi I didn’t end up getting this last year. Could you give or some such site in EU another try? It didn’t get enough signups last time around but might now. Worth a shot right? If you do please set expiration date for it to nov 23rd so that if the goal isn’t reached we EU folks have time to switch over and grab one from the US store as a fallback.

  4. I did give Teezily a try. After promoting the link I got all of 2 orders, not enough to print. More people requested I put it on teezily than actually ordered when I did! I felt kind of burned.

  5. Hi Nina,

    Love from Bangalore. Sita Sings the Blues is sublime. I wanted one these t-shirts but these are not available in India. Could you please partner with a seller here.

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