New York City! Seder-Masochism Work-In-Progress Benefit April 21 at IFC


Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 7:30 PM EDT
IFC Center, New York, NY

You must purchase advance tickets for this event.

All singing! All dancing! All 40+ minutes of my feature-film-in-progress, Seder-Masochism! This is not the finished movie, but the core musical scenes animated in Flash. While I take a production break to learn new software to make the rest of the film, let’s watch all these crazy scenes together in a theater. Featuring:
Unsubtle phallic imagery!
…and MORE!


Big thanks to my friends at GKIDS for making this happen.

Seder-Masochism is Nina Paley’s second feature film, currently in production. Like its predecessor  Sita Sings the Blues, it’s an animated musical – but this time it’s based on the Passover story, the Book of Exodus. In spite of being an irreverent atheist, Nina is also a card-carrying Jew, entitling her to make scenes such as the now-famous This Land Is Mine:

Here are a few stills and animated gifs from the project:


Thirsty Hebrews charged on by increasingly frustrated Moses



snake dancer jewish4 gif

Moses Aaron2






Wadjet36 HathorWalk36



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

7 thoughts on “New York City! Seder-Masochism Work-In-Progress Benefit April 21 at IFC”

  1. Where is the Seder on Friday?? What time???
    Can’t find the info……
    How big? Who’s leading it? etc.

    Want to bring my 11 yr old son, Jonah, who is an artist and cartoonist to the movie on Thurs., but also am interested in the seder….

  2. Dear Nina-
    Could you please expedite Seder-Masochism? Your fans want you to start work on your next movie. BTW, it’s about Dinkoism.

  3. Hi Nina – LOVED Sita Sings the Blues and This Land is Mine. Can’t wait for Seder masochism – any other religions you plan on skewering? Personally I think Trump deserves your particular kind of animation satire. Maybe Trump Putin love affair? Or perhaps the evolution of feminism? From Sufferagettes to Hillary?

    Keep up the good work! You are very brave and spot-on with hubris and hypocracy.

    You Go Girl!



  4. I happened upon a few of your gifs about an hour ago and now I’m here and hooked for life!! This stuff is fabulous and your wordplay tells me you ARE my people (and might just be my new best friend! lol) If you haven’t finished the movie yet, HURRY!!! And make sure the world knows about it because WOW! YOU ARE ONE SERIOUSLY GIFtED WOMAN! (not a typo, but what’ does Spell Check know from cleverness, right? :P) btw I have Adult A.D.D. and your stuff is my Distraction Du Jour and probably Du Mois, maybe even de l’année! Now I’m going to watch whatever IS available. Thx for making my jour! 😉

    ps. From the first few gifs I saw, I thought you might be an archaeologist or a PALEYontologist! 🙂

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