26 Goddesses

I’ve been painstakingly hand-removing backgrounds from photos in GIMP, so I can use them in Moho.Goddesses_ancient2_4


Queen of the Night



Here’s my collection:

Goddesses_ancient - Frame 0.2

Goddesses_ancient - Frame 0.3

Goddesses_ancient - Frame 0.4

Goddesses_ancient2 - Frame 0


3 comments to 26 Goddesses

  • Miss Sydney Anstee

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you sooo much for these – absolutely wonderful!
    I’d really love to find out more about the one with the goat/rams head – I can’t find online – could you give me a clue how to find her?
    Huge gratitude

  • matt black

    awesome groovers! can use these for VJ sets

  • Caroline

    Hi Nina
    These are absolutely wonderful. Do you mind if I share them with an audience at the next ceramic conference?
    love love love them

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