Snake Dancer

Now she’s on a transparent background and a 48-frame cycle, and blinks!



Same on a black background:Snake_Dancer_17Previous version here.


3 comments to Snake Dancer

  • Lesley Bushnell

    I am an Archaelogist so I am very familiar with this image of the so-called snake goddess. I also do belly dancing so was delighted by your animation. Did you know we revere to these arm moves as ‘snake arms’? I would love to share this with my belly dance teacher and class on a closed Facebook group. Would that be Ok?

  • perfect with transparent background, I loved and shared!
    thanks your humor 😉

  • Nina, great job with the Minoan Snake Goddess–you got her perfectly! I think the one you did not know who she is, is an Ishtar. Check out my website for more. www. heart . Blessings, Hallie

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