324 thoughts on “24 Free Goddess Gifs”

  1. Nina, Thank you for your creativity and generosity. What a wonderful way to start the new year! Have a great, and dancey 2018. Cheers! Sara P.S. Sita Sings the Blues is one of my favorite movies, I’ve watched it SO many times. It’s awesome!

  2. Love theses!
    I teach these sculptures in Art History. I’ll send them to all my students!

  3. Wonderful animations! My favorite is Ana Tanrica on her birthing throne. Wondering whether you might be inspired to animate her “pushing” (I’ve read that the little ball between her feet is a baby’s head).

  4. I have had this page up for the last few days. It makes me happy just to look at all these goddesses. I’m considering bundling them up into a 24-image composite GIF so that I can post it to Reddit’s /r/gifs. You are awesome, Nina!

  5. Dear Nina,

    Your work is more than amazing. I really saw myself, for the very first time, in goddess #20. Could you be so kind, and humour a nerdy nerd and post the references to the figurines? I would love to know and acknowledge their lovely origins,

    Yours, truly,

  6. Fantastic gorgeous goddesses, will use them at every opportunity,Thank you. I have a collection of replicas of other goddesses . Would you be interested in adding them in to your collection?

  7. What a superb movie you’ve done! I was about twenty seconds into it when I went and got my wife, knowing it was just the kind of thing we both love. Thank you!

  8. Dear Nina!

    This is EXACTLY what we need in 2018 🙂 Magnificent!
    Thank you so much!

    Wish you all the best from Hungary

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for making these and allowing us to use them. Have put Willendorf walking on #juliafeminist on Instagram as so relevant to recent post. Love what you have done. Thank you!!!

  10. Thank you for your creativity, it’s a sincronicity!
    I was just reading a Marija Gimbutas’s book about the divine femminine in paleolitic era and the lack of this in the deep psiche of woman Connecticut to our identità and sense of our life …
    It is a good omen

  11. These are wonderful. I would love to use them to make a little dance party video for a class I teach on Goddesses of the neolithic era.

  12. Thank you for creating all of these beautiful goddesses gifs!! There awesome and I will use them with all the love they deserve ❤️❤️

  13. How glorious and sexy and beautiful! Thank you! And thank you too for Sita Sings the Blues and for exposing and fighting the exploitation of copyrights. What a treasure to hold and to share. Rela

  14. Namaste… this is amazing iblove it what a beautiful gift to share with others..thankyou .. love and light x

  15. This was delightful and brilliant. Thank you. I love that you made it multi-cultural and I wonder if you have thought of doind something similar that spans the ages up-to modern?

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